We are working to unite a country around the cause of Indigenous rights. 

This work began over 30 years ago, as Romeo Saganash and many other Indigenous representatives around the world first travelled to the United Nations to petition them to protect Indigenous rights.

This work continues today, as Romeo Saganash, now an MP, has introduced a bill into Parliament that would enshrine the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as part of Canadian law. 

Working with a small team and numerous volunteers and supporters across the country, we're working tirelessly to get out this message and put pressure on the Canadian government to pass this crucial legislation.

This is work that involves travelling to urban centres and remote communities. That involves printing out materials to educate community members. That involves coordinating volunteers across the country.

This is all work that's not covered under an MP's normal budget. That's why we need your help.

We would appreciate any financial support you are able to offer to continue this important work.

Please click here to be taken to our secure donation page - any money raised here will go towards supporting this campaign.

Thank you for your support.